For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

How It Works

Brokers use a database called the Multiple Listing Service to share their inventory and split their commissions with any other brokerage that helps them sell their listings. With a traditional brokerage there are two commissions paid at closing; the Seller’s Broker’s commission and the Buyer’s Broker’s commission.
Commissions are negotiable but using 6% as an example and a 50:50 split between the Seller’s and Buyer’s Brokers, 3% would go to the Seller’s Broker that lists the property, and 3% would go to the Buyer’s Broker that sells the property.
With our service, the costly listing side is replaced with a low upfront listing fee ranging from $75-$499 depending upon the MLS the property is located in and the package you choose. If the buyer has no broker, the listing fee is all you pay saving the entire commission.
If the buyer has a broker, you agree to pay 3% in the example above saving half the commission. We will publish any commission 1% or higher but recommend you offer a commission at or close to the average for your area. Enter your zip code above to find out more.

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