For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

How It Works

Brokers use a database called the Multiple Listing Service to share their inventory.  They also share their commissions with other brokerages that participate in the MLS and help them sell their listings. With a traditional brokerage the commission is about 5% to 6%. With our service, the costly listing side is replaced with a low upfront sarting at $75 up to $245 listing fee depending on package and MLS and a much smaller commission at closing. If the buyer has no broker, the upfront listing fee is all you pay saving the entire commission. If the buyer has a broker, you agree to pay a closing commission. We will publish any commission 0.25% or higher but recommend you offer a commission competitive commission of 2½%-3%. Enter your zip code above to find out more.

Broker Direct MLS is the nation's original flat fee broker website providing reliable and successful listing services since 2004.

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